You are not going crazy, the menu button really is disappearing from websites and software. That gear that is so familiar is gone. The word ‘menu’ has disappeared suddenly. The settings button seems to have left the country. Where did the settings go?

Fear not! Many software and apps are simply using a new icon to indicate menu. This new menu icon is called a ‘hamburger button’ or ‘pancake button’.

When using a new software or looking for a settings menu that seems to have disappeared look for three lines or three dots stacked vertically.

The concept behind this icon is that the appearance alludes to a list. It is used in many mobile apps in order to save space.

Here are a couple examples of hamburger buttons in library related software and other apps.


The hamburger button contains the ‘My Account’ options including, Loans, Holds, Wishlist, Recommendations, and Settings.

A secondary hamburger button in the top left hand corner of the screen returns the user to their bookshelf.

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Facebook App:

The hamburger button keeps moving on the Facebook App so keep an eye out for it in one of the four corners of the app.


Spotify is an extremely popular music streaming service, allowing customers to listen to music without buy albums. Spotify uses the hamburger button a lot.

Google Chrome:

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Their hamburger button which contains many options and tools, now appears as three dots instead of three lines.


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