Zoom for the Holidays

For many of us, the holidays this year will be a little different than normal. Zoom has become an easy and popular way to connect with others during the pandemic, whether for school, work, library programs, or just catching up with friends and family. No account is required to connect to a meeting! Heights Libraries has put together some video tutorials to get you started using Zoom and even host your own meeting.

If you’ve received an Zoom invite and aren’t sure what to do next, check out this tutorial:

Just have the meeting ID and passcode? (Many library programs, including the 1619 Project discussion group, just share this information.) Check out this tutorial:

In charge of creating the family Zoom meeting? Check out this tutorial:

Note: The free version of Zoom discussed in this tutorial has a 40-minute time limit for meetings of 3 or more people. Zoom has suspended this limitation in the past, most recently on Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out if you’re planning a meeting on or around Christmas.

Ready to start your scheduled Zoom meeting? Check out this tutorial:

Zoom is not without its concerns, including encryption and lack of transparency. For other ways to stay connected with friends and family this holiday season (and beyond), check out July’s podcast episode and Tech Trainer Jackie’s Appy Hour on Apps to Keep You Connected Over the Holidays:

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