16th Annual Teen Poetry Slam

Today we have a guest blogger: My colleague Terraya works on the Teen Poetry Slam each year, which we hold at our main library towards the end of January. This year the slam was on January 29th. Read on about her experience planning and hosting this fantastic annual program:


“Planning our annual Teen Poetry Slam is such a favorite of mine when it comes to programming, but this time was even sweeter as I had the extended pleasure of being the host. Definitely noted as one of the most anticipated library events, and this year was no doubt another success.  The poets, some returning “slammers” joined by new competitors, lit the teen room with cheerful roars and supporting snaps from the crowd.  A great gathering of families, fellow teens, and community members including (some amongst the slam’s judges table): Kathleen Cerveny (Heights Poet Laureate), Jeff Coryell (Cleveland Heights City Councilman), and Talisa Dixon (Heights High Superintendent) were present. Three rounds of lyrical expression and personified prose performed in such a way that we couldn’t help but rise to our feet with applause.  Two final teens Moonisa Halim and Pat W. were tied as first place winners; yet it was no easy task to outshine the amazing talent showcased by all of the 12 participating poets, including our Noble own Naomi Hardin who braved it out as the youngest competitor of the night and received high scores that pushed her past the first round of eliminations.  The night could not have been possible without the shared efforts of Lake Erie Ink’s Executive Director Amy Rosenbluth and her team, Heights High School sponsoring gift prizes, and Heights Libraries staff with special recognition to Peggy Hull and our wonderful Teen Librarian Jessica Robinson.  A great night it was! Leaving many to say ‘I can’t wait to do this again!'”


We are already looking forward to next year. Thanks for the write-up, Terraya!

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