A Francophile’s delight

Having read many travel memoirs, this one can only be described as an unexpected delight. Who wouldn’t want to visit France? If you’ve been on the fence, may I suggest you get yourself a copy of Le Road Trip: A Traveler’s Journal of Love and France by Vivian Swift? Browsing through this delightful book will help you make up your mind about planning a trip to the most visited country in the world. You may occasionally feel a bit like a voyeur since the book often reads like  someone’s personal diary or journal but this only adds to its charm.

The talented Swift has put together a compendium of entertaining information  mixed with everything you would need to know about travelling to Paris and the rest of France. Here, you will find French travel observations and advice, anecdotes, quotes, historical tidbits, cultural explanations, tips on restaurants, museums and gardens. One of my favorite travel tips is to engage the French in a conversation about their dogs. You may find the seemingly unapproachable French person to be down right friendly when asked about their pet!

The watercolor illustrations and line drawings, all done by the author, are what really make this an enchanting book and I suspect that once you read it, you may want to make sure you have a copy of  it in your personal library. You will pick it up again and again to browse through and happily rejoin Swift as she travels this beautiful and most visited country with her new husband.

2 comments on “A Francophile’s delight

  1. I’m getting this one too. I love these blogs because you can click on the book and it takes you to the catalog and the reserve “button”. So easy.

  2. You’ll love it, Laurie and make sure you read the blog entry right underneath it-Eloisa James’ book Paris in love: a memoir-it’s utterly charming.

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