As I was pondering this week’s theme, I came across some balloons in our craft closet.  I thought, well now, there are plenty of amazing books about balloons!  Let’s do a balloon-themed storytime!  I was able to fill balloons up with helium and tie them above me as we read our wonderful balloon books.


“Buzzy’s Balloon” by Harriet Ziefert

“Balloons Balloons Balloons” by Dee Lillegard

“Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure” by Stephan Huneck

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Art:  Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure inspired our art project this week.  In this story, a lovable dog named Sally goes to a hot air balloon festival with her family.  There, she smells something delicious and finds a basket of chicken alone in the gondola of a balloon.  Wanting a taste of the chicken, Sally jumps into the gondola and manages to accidentally lift herself into the air!  Sally has quite the adventure during her hot air balloon ride, but will she even get back down?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Each child received one of the helium balloons, a styrofoam cup and a small cut-out of Sally the dog.  With yarn, the cup is tied to the balloon, creating the gondola.  Sally is taped to the cup.  With stickers, we decorated our balloon and cup.  Look at Sally go!

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