Best Albums of 2013 . . . So Far

Hello there! I’m the music librarian for the Heights library system and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some music recommendations with all of you.

Just a bit about me: I enjoy listening to all different genres but tend towards indie rock, folk, and bluegrass although when I’m going for a run nothing can beat a catchy pop song with a great beat. I love talking about and sharing music with others. Also, for me there’s nothing better than spending an evening at one of our great local music venues seeing a live show.

To get us started I thought I would share one of the lists that I have created. It’s available through Bibliocommons, our library catalog, and it’s the best albums of 2013 . . . so far.

I used a number of well-known outlets including Rolling Stone and NPR to come up with the list of recommendations. But I also included a number of my personal favorites too.

Best Albums of 2013 So Far

Best Albums of 2013 So Far: The Album Covers — Click here to check out the missing album covers on Pinterest

If you enjoy this list please feel free to check out some of my other lists on Bibliocommons at htsmusicmaven.


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