Better Know a Library Staffer: Dana

Here on the blog the other Matchmakers and I share what we are reading, watching, or listening to quite frequently, but we don’t often hear from our other staff members all over the library system. Now, we will be sharing interviews from other staff members so that you the reader can see what we’re reading/watching/listening to all over the Heights Library system!

This interview comes from Circulation Assistant Dana!


What book are you reading at the moment? What are your thoughts on it? 

At the moment I’m currently reading multiple books. I’m reading The Curse of Tenth Grave which is the 10th book in a series about a girl who is basically a grim reaper. The beginning of this series was much more captivating than the current books are but I feel like I have to read them, they aren’t bad but they’re not really good.

I am also reading The Black Reckoning. This book is the third book in John Stephens Books of Beginning and I absolutely love this series! It’s a bit of magic and adventure and strong female characters and everything you could possibly want in a children/teen book. It’s basically like Chronicles of Narnia met The Series of Unfortunate Events, and despite being a juvenile fiction book it definitely holds the attention of an adult reader as well.

What kind of books do you typically read?

I typically read a lot of YA fiction, especially books with magic and mythical creatures and adventure. I also enjoy stories that are more realistic like coming of age stories and dystopian novels. I try to mix my books up as much as possible since I feel like a lot of them get formulaic. YA fiction is great because I’m in my last semester of college so I don’t quite have as much time as I’d like to read a long book (I’ve been in the middle of Stephen Kings 11.22.63 for a few months now) but they keep me occupied on the bus ride down to school very well.

Have you ever pretended to have read a book? If so, which one and why?

Shakespeare. I really enjoy theatre, and I enjoy most of Shakespeare’s’ work but there are a few plays I’ve pretended to have read when my actor friends discuss it even though I’ve actually only seen the movie version or the play version. One of these is The Tempest.


Which do you prefer: movies or television?

That’s a tough question but I think I’d probably say TV?

Have you ever binge-watched a show? If so, what was it?

I don’t think I have ever binge-watched an entire series but I have binge-watched the latest season of shows. Recently those were the fourth season of Orange is the New Black and the 3rd season of Young and Hungry so I’d be able to watch season 4 as it aired. Again, school makes binge watching somewhat hard but I do have a list of shows I’ll binge watch come December once I graduate.


What kind of music do you enjoy?

I really like most music in small doses, I don’t like things being overplayed so I tend to try to avoid the radio. I listen to a lot of musical soundtracks, Ingrid Michaelson is one of my favorite artists, and I also really like instrumental covers of pop songs like Piano Guys or 2 Cellos. The Pop Goes Punk series of CDs is also definitely a guilty pleasure listening for me.


Do you listen to different music based on the seasons?

Not particularly, my music taste varies more with my mood than it does with the seasons with the exception of listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas and other Halloween-themed music in October.

Thanks Dana!

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