Better Know a Library Staffer: Julia

Here on the blog the other Matchmakers and I share what we are reading, watching, or listening to quite frequently, but we don’t often hear from our other staff members all over the library system. Now, we will be sharing interviews from other staff members so that you the reader can see what we’re reading/watching/listening to all over the Heights Library system!

This interview comes from our Marketing and Volunteer Coordinator Julia!


What book are you reading at the moment? What are your thoughts on it?

Right now I’m attempting Italo Calvino’s If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler. A friend was trying to describe the plot and it was so baffling, so I figured I should just read it to see for myself. The premise is that a person picks up a new book, but after the first 20 pages or so it switches to a whole different story; the book is misprinted. You (the actual reader) then begin the next chapter and find that you’re dropped into a whole new story as well. One way or another the reader in the book keeps picking up the wrong story in search of the original one, and you are a part of this whole confusing process. This book is definitely not my usual read, but now that I’ve caught the actual plot it’s really interesting – I keep falling in love with the stories the reader is dropped into.

What kind of books do you typically read?

I read mostly contemporary nonfiction and popular science writing: Jon Krakauer, Michael Pollan, Mary Roach; but really enjoy literary and popular fiction too: Ann Patchett, Barbara Kingsolver.

Have you ever pretended to have read a book? If so, which one and why?

I never read any of the Shakespeare that I was supposed to in school. Spark Notes prevented that.


Which do you prefer: movies or television?

Probably TV because I fall asleep whenever I try to watch something for more than 40 minutes.

Have you ever binge-watched a show? If so, what was it?

Arrested Development.


What kind of music do you enjoy?

Dance music across all genres

Have you found any new or new-to-you artists/bands lately?

Galantis is my new favorite: it’s an electronic dance music duo with fun catchy vocals.

Do you listen to different music based on the seasons?

Yes! I actually create my playlists by the season. Some music carries over, but I like that rate of starting over every season and finding new music to listen to all the time.

Thanks Julia!


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