Better Know a Library Staffer: Laurie

Here on the blog the other Matchmakers and I share what we are reading, watching, or listening to quite frequently, but we don’t often hear from our other staff members all over the library system. Now, we will be sharing interviews from other staff members so that you the reader can see what we’re reading/watching/listening to all over the Heights Library system!

This interview comes from our Human Resources Manager Laurie!


What book are you reading at the moment?  What are your thoughts on it? 

I am currently reading,  Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This is the first book of a 3 book series.  Unknowingly, I read the second book first which is Prisoner from Heaven.  I loved it and then discovered that it was the second in a series. I then learned that the author wrote the books so that they could be read independently or in sequential order.  I thought that was a really cool idea and that got me really excited about the author, the characters and their stories.  The books have a magical flare to them which I like and they also involve actual historical events. I like that the writing is funny, magical, and suspenseful with interesting characters and stories. Zafon is a Spanish writer and the books are translated into English.

What kind of books do you typically read?

I read a variety of genres – I like fiction, mysteries, non-fiction and some biographies.  I seem to like authors that can dig deep into a characters personality and illustrate their thinking, fears, desires, concerns, failures, successes, and humor.  I tend to like books that take place in other countries, in other cultures written originally in other languages.  I like learning about other cultures through fiction.

Have you ever pretended to have read a book?  If so, which one and why?

I don’t recall ever pretending to have read a book.


Which do you prefer: movies or television? 

I don’t have a preference.

Have you ever binge-watched a show? If so, what was it?   

Yes – the Lost series.  I watched all seasons in a month. Right now I’m binge watching BrainDead on Amazon.


What kind of music do you enjoy?

Variety of music.

Have you found any new or new-to-you artists/bands lately?

No – I’m not very active in listening to new music.

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