“Bubble Trouble,” written by Margaret Mahy, illustrated by Polly Dunbar.  Silly, yet sophisticated rhyming book.
“Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum,” by Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith.  A very funny story about various animals getting stuck in an unusually large piece of bubble gum.

“The Scrubbly-Bubbly Car Wash” by Iren O-Garden, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar.  An adorable short story about the fun of visiting the car wash.

Other Books about Bubbles:
“Pop! A Book About Bubbles,” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
“Treasure Bath,” by Dan Andreason
“The Biggest Soap,” by Carole Lexa Schaefer

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At the end of reading time, I got out a bubble machine.  I let the kids dance around the bubbles while I played Rockabye Baby: Radiohead’s version of “No Surprises.”

Art Project :  Bubble wrap prints!  I wrapped bubble wrap around a paper towel roll and taped the ends so that it wouldn’t come undone.

Then, layed out trays of paint in colors red, yellow and blue and kept them all on separate tables (or stations, so that the colors wouldn’t mix).  The kids then, could roll the bubble wrap in the paint, and then print it on to paper.  The prints make very unusual and beautiful textures and shapes!  Feel free to experiment with layers of different color as well as different sizes of bubble wrap.  Another option is to cut shapes out of the bubble wrap (such as stars, hearts, circles, etc.  This works best with small bubble wrap) and use them as stamps.

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