Caprice by Coe Booth

Today we welcome a new member of the Matchmakers team, Erika Hogan! Erika writes:

A twelve-year old girl finds the words and strength to speak about past trauma in the emotionally resonant middle grade novel Caprice by Coe Booth.

On the outside, Caprice’s life appears to be falling into place when she is offered a full scholarship to stay at the school of her dreams after spending the summer at their prestigious leadership institute. The academy isn’t something her family could afford without the tuition assistance, but Caprice struggles with the life-changing implications of the opportunity. Ready to go home, see her friends, and spend time with her family, the decision is not an easy one. Caprice’s memories hold a secret, she has changing feelings for a male friend, and her best friend Nicole has an increasing interest in boys and makeup; all the possible changes around her create confusion around the decision. When a crisis brings estranged family members together, Caprice is confronted with those painful memories of what happened with an uncle when she was a little girl. First person narration keeps the tone and topics accessible, and chapters are spliced with poetry. This approach keeps Caprice’s experiences, insights, and feelings in the forefront and creates an immediate connection for readers to address the struggles facing the young Caprice.  Deftly handling microaggressions and the fallout from past abuse, this exceptional novel addresses a serious and timely topic with gentle honesty and respect, providing an important story that may inspire open conversations about intergenerational trauma, the burden of family secrets, and the realities of sexual abuse.

A mindfully crafted, powerful, and hopeful story of surviving and thriving.

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