Contemporary Romance: Times Two!

I enjoy contemporary romances that are breezy, light, and interspersed with both awkwardness and humor… and that’s exactly what I found in a couple of new-this-year romance novels.

Let’s start with a series launch by Amanda HegerCrazy Cupid Love (and does that title hit the mark with awkwardness and humor? Yes. Yes, it definitely does.). This is a contemporary romance that includes a fantasy element, if that happens to be something you love. The premise is that there are cohorts of people living in the United States who are direct descendants of Greek gods and goddesses, and have the kinds of supernatural powers associated with those gods and goddesses. Eliza is descended from the god Eros, and as you might expect, runs her family’s matchmaking service. Add Jake, a handsome, charismatic mentor, for the romantic interest. This is a hilarious mix of good intentions, unintended complications, and a nefarious plot that nearly unravels Eliza’s future.

A contemporary romance that is solidly based in the real world is Helena Hunting‘s latest book, called Meet CuteKailyn is an ambitious estate lawyer whose real passion is family law. Another, more personal, passion is her favorite television series from her teen years, starring heartthrob Daxton Hughes. Back in law school, Kailyn had a very awkward “meet cute” with her celebrity crush and (surprise!) fellow law student Dax, followed by an intense academic rivalry, culminating in what Kailyn believes is Dax’s treachery in cheating his way to the top of the law school class. When Dax and his thirteen-year-old sister arrive in Kailyn’s office following their parents’ tragic death in a car accident, the law school rivals meet again. The chemistry that drove their competition has not abated in the least, of course. It’s tremendous fun to watch the relationships unfold in this family-drama romance.

It’s always a good time to immerse yourself in a Happily-Ever-After! Other contemporary romances to enjoy include:

A Princess in Theory (Reluctant Royals #1) by Alyssa Cole

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson



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