Cynthia, in Cleveland Heights

I was in the hospital with COVID-19 for 12 days. I was isolated and only saw nurses a few times a day because they had to limit contact with COVID-19 patients. They wore gear to protect themselves from the spread of the virus. The CT scan showed that the spread of the virus in my lungs had become much more serious. There is no “cure”. I was extremely ill (to say the very least).

Fast forward to having been home from the hospital for 2 weeks now… My husband does everything. Recuperating is slow. The stay at home policy doesn’t phase me because all I can do is stay at home. I cannot yet function as I did before the hospitalization. It will take more time for my lungs to heal and for breathing to resume efficiently. Also, I have to regain my strength.

But I can read books, thank goodness! A good read can take you away from here during this pandemic and take you on adventures with characters and to places and situations that transport you to different experiences !

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