RAWR!  Aren’t Dinosaurs fascinating?  That’s why we’ve planned a special explorastory honoring these fierce creatures.  I even brought in a dino-puppet friend for the children to pass around.


“How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?” by Jane Yolen

“No T. Rex in the Library” by Toni Buzzeo

“Dinosaur Days” by Matt Mitter

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Art:  After reading our books, I also shared with them the book, “Dinosaur Bones” by Bob Barner.  I set copies of his book on the tables and let the children look at pictures of dinosaur bones.  Using their imagination, they glued onto paper different kinds of pasta noodles to represent dinosaur bones and formed their own dinosaurs with them.  Crayons were used to create scenery.  What I really wanted to do was mix sand in with the noodles and put them all in large trays so that the children could “excavate” the bones before their put together their dinosaurs.  Oh well, better do that next time!

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