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It seems like the word coding is popping up all over the place, but many people have no idea what exactly it means. Coding is the writing of instructions for computer programs and websites. It turns out that computers are actually really dumb and need very precise instructions. They only seem smart because a human took the time to write out some complicated code.

Coding used to be a skill only computer science majors needed to know because they were the only ones working with computers. Nowadays, nearly every adult and child has a computer in their hands or in their pockets. We have computers in our cars. Smart thermostats controlling the air conditioning in our homes are just mini computers. LED programmable light bulbs are for sale at Home Depot.

With so much of our lives run on computers, it’s becoming more of a life skill and less of a specialize skill to understand coding. That doesn’t even touch on the demand for coding in the job market. Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Coding jobs are going to make up about half of the STEM job market in the coming years. Nearly every company needs coding on their computers in some way, even if it’s just running a website.

But getting started coding can be a rather terrifying experience. There are so many languages and websites out there that say they help teach coding. So where to start?

At the library, of course!

Here at the Heights Library we offer a variety of coding programing for you and your children.

Not into computers yourself but interested in getting your child into one of the fastest growing markets in the world? Sign up for Tech for Kids starting July 16th at 7 pm. This four week series takes kids grades 1 through 5 and their favorite adult to some of the most popular coding educational websites. Practice logic based problem solving, a skill that improves math and science scores at any age. Registration is now open.

More interested in trying coding for yourself? We offer coding for adults two ways.

Coding Basics is a four part class covering the three big coding languages of web design. Try out HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with an instructor to walk you through the practice lessons. We will be running Coding Basics from Monday October 22nd to Monday November 12th at 7 pm. Registration begins October 8th.

Our second option for coding is Learn the Language of The Web. This course runs in a ‘flipped classroom’ model of instruction. Students are expected to watch about 20 minutes of education videos outside of class. In class, students can ask questions and will build a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding languages. This course begins Friday September 7th at 11 am and runs through October 19th. Registration begins August 24th.

If four weeks or six weeks sounds like too much commitment, have no fear! Coming in October we will have two single night Tech Talks about coding:

  • Little Bytes: Get Your Child Coding on October 8th at 7 pm. This lecture based class will cover what parents can do to get their kids and teens into coding and computer science. Learn about toys, games, and apps that teach valuable skills. Registration begins September 24th.
  • Tech Talk: Why Coding? on October 15th at 7 pm. An introduction to coding and available resources. Interested in learning coding or considering a career change? This lecture introduces the importance of coding and gives suggestions on where to start. Registration begins October 1st.

Phew, that’s a lot of courses!

To register for any of our classes Call (216)-932-3600 or visit

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