Ghost Stories to Watch

Now that it’s October, ads for Halloween costumes, candy and haunted houses are starting to appear everywhere. To get you in the mood, you can get your fright on by checking out some old fashioned ghost stories that will creep you the heck out!

The Awakening stars Rebecca Hall and Dominic West and is set in an English boarding school where a child ghost is scaring the students to death.


Haunter stars Abigail Breslin as a teen haunting her old house where she and her family met a sinister end.


Director Ti West (of V/H/S fame) delivers New England ghost hunters in a soon-to-be closing haunted hotel in The Innkeepers.


And to round out this list, a ghost story from Francis Ford Coppola. Yes, the man who brought you the Godfather trilogy and Apocalypse Now wrote and directed Twixt, starring Val Kilmer as a washed up writer who becomes involved with the investigation of a girl’s murder while researching his next book. The mysterious ghost who visits the writer in his nightmares is played by Elle Fanning.

Happy haunting!



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