I Have Shoes!

Tennis shoes…boots…high heel shoes…flip flops. There are so many different types of shoes.  Which is your favorite?


Shoe Baby

Shoe Baby by Joyce Dunbar

Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin

Whose Shoes?

Whose Shoes? A Shoe for Every Job by Stephen R. Swinburne

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Rhymes & Fingerplays:

My Shoes (tune: Skip to My Lou)

I have two shoes, how about you?

I have two shoes, how about you?

I have two shoes, how about you?

Stomp with your shoes like I do.

Sing the song again and substitue “stomp” in the last line with hop, skip, jump…


One, Two, Tie My Shoe

One, two tie my shoe

Three, four shut the door

Five, six pick up sticks

Seven, eight lay them straight

Nine, ten big fat hen (works well with a hen puppet if you have one!)

Let’s get up and count again!


Five Pairs of Shoes (I printed out and colored 5 shoes for this rhyme)

Five pairs of shoes in the shoe store

Someone bought the red ones, now there are four.

Four pairs of shoes for all to see

Someone bought the blue ones, now there are three.

Three pairs of shoes shiny and new

Someone bought the yellow ones, now there are two.

Two pairs of shoes they look like fun

Someone bought the pink ones, now there is one.

One pair of shoes at the end of the day

I bought the green ones, hip hip hooray!



Who says shoes can’t make art?  For our art project this week, we gathered a whole bunch of different types of shoes, paint, and paper and made a colorful mural.  We set out large pieces of paper and trays of different colored paint.  Children then dipped the bottoms of the shoes in the paint and pressed them onto the paper.  The result was a unique, color-filled, shoe mural, which we hung up for the children and other library customers to enjoy!




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