I Love My White Shoes

Walking a mile in someone’s shoes might be a hard thing to do, unless those shoes belong to Pete the Cat!  Meet Pete.

He’s been on the scene for a while, but resurfaced recently when author Eric Litwin wrote a book called “I Love My White Shoes”, starring Pete.  James Dean (the artist, not the rebel nor the sausage purveyor) grew up making art, but went into engineering to make the living he thought he would not find with art.  Fortunately, he went back and developed his style that he descibes in this way: “I am a lines person. I see and think in terms of lines. Color comes after the lines. The lines are very strong in my work; the color is almost meaningless without the lines. This is the basis for my style of watercolor. Most of the time there is white space in my work. This is not your tax return. Everything does not have to be filled in.”  I can definitely see what he’s saying about lines, and how important they are for him as opposed to colors that rush or play together for David Shannon, for instance.

Back to Pete. His new adventure is just a walk down the street, just lovin’ his new white shoes until…OH NO!  Pete stepped in some strawberries.  Hmm.  Strawberries are red…Pete stepped in strawberries…he still loves them, ‘cept now he just loves his RED SHOES!  Want more?  Watch Eric (the author) whip the crowd up while James (the illustrator) shows off his stuff.  I don’t know who’s playing the downloadable song on guitar, but he’s bald and cool looking.

These guys are funny, and I love that they got to be on TV for making a BOOK!

Reserve your copy of I Love My White Shoes from the library!

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