If You Love Shojo Manga…

Did you ever want to be invisible, be a fly on the wall to see and hear what people are saying if they think you are not around? Shiroyama has the opposite problem. She wishes more people could see her! She occasionally becomes so transparent you can look right through her. When she’s stressed out her arm might disappear… then her leg and eventually her face! She has a mysterious disease called Translucent Syndrome. There isn’t a cure. This becomes an even bigger problem when she meets this great new guy. Will he still like her if he can’t see her? She also wants to be an actress. But what happens if she no one can see her on the stage? And this is strange… get this…. the most beautiful and popular girl in school is actually jealous of Shiroyama. Read Translucent by Kazuhiro Okamoto and decide if you’d rather have the world stare at you or right through you!

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