Let’s Celebrate Libraries!

There are two new books that do just that. The first is Our Library by Eve Bunting, wherein a raccoon and his friends go to any lengths necessary to be sure that they have a library from which to borrow books. When they find out that their library is going to close unless more funding can be found and the building renovated.  This plucky group finds their solutions in books from the library: “How to Make Money Fast” and “Library Painting for Beginners”are just the ticket. There is even a book about “How to Speak Wisely and Well to Grumpy Old Beavers,” which comes in very handy when the library has to be moved and a Grumpy Old Beaver owns the perfect property for that purpose. Brightly colored and detailed illustrations add to the fun.

It’s Library Day by Janet Stoeke, captures the excitement of library day in a school setting. This day finds all of the children smiling and walking down the hall in two straight lines at the very thought of their weekly visit to the library, where untold treasures are to be found. Simple rhyme and repetition and large, colorful illustrations make this a good choice for young listeners.

With the economic situation in this country precarious at best right now, what better time to celebrate libraries and make the most of what they have to offer: brand new books and old favorites, cds, dvds, magazines and more! As Henry David Thoreau so aptly put it: “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”

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