Like Gone Girl

If you were intrigued by the multiple perspectives and psycopathic characters found in Gone Girl,  I recommend Peter Swanson’s The Kind Worth Killing. In an airport bar, waiting to board his flight from London to Boston, Ted Severson meets Lily Kintner who happens to be on the same flight. While chatting over drinks in the bar, then as seat mates on the plane, they engage in a game of truth telling, at Lily’s suggestion. Ted reveals that he’d like to murder his cheating wife, and Lily offers her assistance. Are either one of them serious? Back at home, Ted’s anger with his wife’s duplicity grows as he revisits the conversation on the plane. Was Lily serious? Was he? There’s no harm in setting up meeting to explore these questions; it’s just a meeting after all, or is it more? So begins a tale of double crossing and murder reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith’s Stranger on a Train, also made into a classic movie by Alfred Hitchcock.

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