Middle Grade Chills: The Clackity by Lora Senf

Happy Halloween from the Matchmakers team! Today we welcome our guest blogger, Youth Services Librarian E Hogan! E writes:

In the book The Clackity by Lora Senf, twelve year old Evie’s aunt Desdemona goes missing, and Evie sets out to find and rescue the one person who has been there for her since her parents died. But living in Blight Harbor, one of the most haunted towns in the U.S., Evie discovers a series of supernatural problems blocking her path. Her journey starts in the place where her aunt went missing- an abandoned abattoir just at the edge of town. She meets a sharp-toothed monster called the Clackity, who makes a dangerous bargain with life altering odds. The Clackity challenges Evie to bring back the ghost of a deadly man from town in exchange for her aunt’s safe return. Evie’s only companion is a magical, friendly bird as she travels through an increasingly creepy surreal maze of ghosts, witches, and thrilling frights. Tightly paced and delivered in an entertaining first person narrative, Evie is a strong lead who faces her fears and anxieties at every turn. The tale is complemented by Alfredo Cáceres’ delightfully chilling illustrations

Full of surreal magic and creepy imagery, Senf builds a strong world populated with convincing characters in this tightly paced, entertaining read that is perfect for middle schoolers ready for just-scary-enough stories.


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