“Goodnight Moon,” a classic by Margaret Wise Brown illustrated by Clement Hurd.  I used a big book for this one, which always works well.  Kids love anything that’s larger than life-size.
“Kitten’s First Full Moon,” written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes.  Another classic Caldecott winner.
 “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me,” written and illustrated by Eric Carle.  A pop-up and fold-out book.

Other Books about Moons and the Night:
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” by Iza Tripani
“The House in the Night,” by Susan Marie Swanson
“So Sleepy Story,” by Uri Shulevitz
“I Took the Moon for a Walk,” by Carolyn Curtis
“Yellow Moon, Apple Moon,” by Pamela Paige Porter
“Moon Child,” by Nadia Krilanovich
“Moon Rabbit,” by Natalie Russell

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Big yellow moon shines so bright, (Arms above head in circle shape.)
Glides across the starry night, (Arms move from left to right.)
Looks down at me (Hand shades eyes.)
Asleep in bed, (Hands together at side of face.)
Whispers, “Good night, sleepyhead.” (Forefinger in front of mouth.)
Big yellow moon, your turn is done. (Arms above head move down in front of body.)
Here comes Mr. Morning Sun. (Arms move above head in circle shape.)
I wake up. (Arms stretch out.)

You go to bed. (Hands together at side of face)
“Sleep well, Moon, you sleepyhead.” (forefinger in front of mouth)Rhyme:

Mr. Moon
Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon,
You’re out too soon,
the sun is still in the sky.
Go back into your bed,
And cover up your head,
Until the day goes by.

Song: The Wiggles, “Walking on the Moon.”  Have the kids walk slowly around the room as if they were weightless.

Art:  Students were each given a paper plate and white and yellow “shaving cream paint.”  By lathering on the shaving cream, the kids made “craters” and allowed them to dry.  I also printed out small images of the American flag, attached it to a toothpick, and let the kids stick that on to their moon.  It’s important to mention that there actually is an American flag on the moon!

Another fun Moon project was done by cutting a crescent moon shape out of a paper plate and decorating it with pieces of tissue paper.  A string was tied to the end so that it can be hung up.

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