New Children’s Fiction: Charlie and the Grandmothers

Hello, all! It’s your friendly neighborhood librarian here to tell you about a great new title that I finished recently. In the spooky spirit of Hallo-October I read this book:

Charlie and the Grandmothers

Charlie and the Grandmothers

Written and Illustrated by Katy Towell

Twelve year old Charlie and his little sister Georgie have been sent to spend time with their grandmothers. Unfortunately, they do not have any grandmothers. Charlie remembers attending both of their funerals actually; so who are these mysterious grandmothers that have taken the neighborhood children away and have yet to return them? Charlie, normally a very frightful and cautious boy will learn what it is to be brave in order to reunite with his sister.

This book was very spooky! It’s full of strange adventures and frightening creatures that any adventurous child would love to read. It has full page illustrations throughout that heighten the scary experience of reading this book. It’s actually quite similar in tone to The Imaginary (see other blog post).

I recommend this book for readers ages 9-12.


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