“Panda Kindergarten” by Joanne Ryder, photographs by Katherine Feng.
“Pi-Shu the Little Panda” by John Butler
While reading about Pi-Shu, I held a panda puppet and let the children pass it around and pet it.  This helped to bring the theme to life.
“Giant Pandas” by Gail Gibbons

Five Little Panda Bears
Five little panda bears and no more
One waddled off and then there were four.
Four little panda bears sleeping in a tree
One fell out and then there were three.
Three little panda bears said “What can we do?”
One ate some bamboo leaves and then there were two.
Two little panda bears playing in the sun.
One heard his mother growl and then there was one.
One little panda bear leaft all alone.
He got up and ran right home.
 I am a Panda
(tune of You Are My Sunshine)
I am a panda
A furry panda
I live in China
And eat bamboo
It is a thick grass
That grows in my land
And it’s not that easy to chewArt Project: Children made some wonderful panda puppets out of white paper bags, construction paper, google eyes and crayons to mimic our own Pi-Shu puppet.  Construction paper was cut into specific shapes before hand and labeled them on the table.
 Then, the kids were able to glue on the pieces as they wanted them, and then add colors, buttons or bows to their puppets as desired.  They turned out wonderful!



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