Say It Loud! I’ve Made a Horrible Decision!

In making a fantasy a reality, you can really get in over your head.

In the novel, My Woman, His Wife,  Anna J spins a tale about lust, desire, lust, not thinking ahead, lust, obsession, lust, and lusty lust of the lusty variety.

Meet Jasmine (Jazz) and James. In the beginning of their relationship, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. But between work, children and the monotony of daily life, the passion in the bedroom has waned. James has an idea to spice up their love life: Having a threesome with another woman. (Because, as we all know, threesomes tend to work out wonderfully for couples in serious relationships.) And as I’m sure you have already guessed, James had just the person in mind. Monica.

Monica is beautiful, educated, financially independent, and oozes sex. She is James’ fantasy girl and by way of this threesome he could have Monica and Jazz without the guilt or stress of an affair. (Ingenious!) He finally wears Jazz down and she agrees.

It actually turns out to be an absolutely amazing experience for the three. Pleasure is bountiful, passion is reignited, and Jazz discovers things about herself she had never thought possible. However, once it was over, it wasn’t over. Both are hooked on Monica and they both want more of her. So to appease their desires, Jazz and James start their own secret affairs with Monica.  (Who saw this coming? Hands?)

I did forget one small detail. Monica is crazy. Not just crazy, but CRAZY with a capital EVERYTHING!

She becomes obsessed with having Jazz all to herself.  She has a plot to manipulate and blackmail those closest to Jazz to do it. I’m not going to give the plan away but I will tell you this, it is absolutely… well… crazy. (By the way, did I mention she was crazy? Just checking.)

From the first page to the last, this novel takes you on a wild erotic ride. It is spilling over with sex, humor, and drama. Sadly, the ending is a cliff hanger but it was still satisfying to me.

But if you don’t like to be left hanging, don’t worry!  The sequel entitled The Aftermath is already out.

Check out both novels, if you can take the heat.

WARNING: This novel is not recommended for those with delicate sensibilities. You will catch the vapors and will need to head to the nearest swooning couch immediately.




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