Shadow, by Suzy Lee

There are no words…

Seriously there are no words in this book…well…okay if you want to get technical there are three words. The rest is (almost) three-dimensional, pure creativity. This book represents the best thing about being a kid–the sheer power of  the imagination. When all you really want is to be carried away by the riptide of your own mind.

The little girl in this book is literally carried away by her imagination. She turns a garage filled with boxes and tools into a jungle filled with elephants, wolves and other wild things. In fact, I am reminded of “Where the Wild Things Are” (Sendak) while flipping through the pages. The wild things she creates infiltrate her ‘real’ world until all of the pages become a black, white, and yellow jungle of shadows.

This book was named by the New York Times as one of the best illustrated books for children in 2010.

If you love great artwork, check out Suzy Lee’s other titles: Wave, and Mirror. Also take some time to visit her website She is an accomplished artist in addition to being an author/illustrator.


Suzy Lee

Chronicle Books, 2003/2010 (U.S.  printing)

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