Sometimes Authors Can’t Go Home Again

Many thriller readers are familiar with Dennis Lehane’s  novels, Shutter Island and Gone, Baby, Gone, which were both turned into blockbuster movies. But before that acclaim, his first book, A Drink Before the War, introduced readers to the unforgettable Angie and Patrick. You could feel the sparks fly in their love/hate relationship and their camaraderie was constantly on display in their snappy repartee. After a number of books, Lehane started writing stand alone thrillers and many wondered what had happened to Angie and Patrick and hoped they would return.

In Lehane’s new book, Moonlight Mile Angie and Patrick are finally back. I’m sure there are many fans who would say, “Thank you, Dennis Lehane for finally bringing back your much loved characters. Many of us have waited years to get reacquainted and catch up with these old friends.” But, now I fear that we have been apart too long. Perhaps too much time has passed and we’ve all moved on, Lehane included. While Lehane still writes an engaging story, Patrick and Angie don’t seem to hold the same mystique as they once did.

If you have been a fan in the past, read Lehane’s newest book and see what you think. You will note that Mr. Lehane’s writing continues to be a little more graphic than the faint of heart reader may have bargained for. The literary expertise he uses to convey his evocative prose, great characterization, snappy dialogue and fast paced story lines that hooked many readers are all still evident in some parts. But this story also has a few unrealistic characters like the Russian mob type figures and the writing seems a tad less fluid.

Moonlight Mile picks up the story from Gone, Baby, Gone with Amanda, the little girl who was abducted. She returns in this book as a teenager who is missing once again. But, rather than bringing closure to Angie, Patrick and Amanda’s stories, Lehane seems to have let his characters and readers down. But, you should be the judge!

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