The Games Have Begun

Have you caught Olympic fever yet? Peter Potamus, the friendly hippo who lives in the Lee Road children’s room has! It seems like all he can talk about are the Games going on in Sochi, Russia.


Peter has picked out some of his favorite books about the Olympics and winter sports and put them on display so everyone can learn about the Winter Games. He even included a few fun facts (like the age of the youngest person to ever win a gold medal).

Come on in and check out the books to learn about ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and more! Here’s a look at some of the titles:


High-tech Olympics

High-tech Olympics by Nick Hunter



Olympics by Chris Oxlade


Bobsledding and the Luge

Bobsledding and the Luge by Larry Dane Brimner



Snowboarding by Matt Barr


Peter shares his favorite reads each month so keep your eye out for his latest display. Because even more than reading great books, he loves sharing them with his friends!  

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