Think outside of the AV room

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a lot of DVDs at the Library. So many in fact, that some almost seem to get lost or overlooked in the AV room. This is why I wanted to bring your attention to two DVD Special Collections up on our second floor at Lee Road.

The first has lived on the second floor for a few years now, but some of you might not know anything about it: the Home Repair Resource Center collection. This collection of DVDs, along with a good deal of books, focus on home repair and DIY tips and tricks for getting your home in working order and great shape. This collection is made possible through our partnership with the Home Repair Resource Center. So check it out.

New to the second floor on Lee Road is our Local Interest collection. These DVDs used to be on the very bottom shelves way in the back of the AV room. Now they are getting the attention they deserve. Here you can find Cleveland Heights City Council Meetings, CH-UH City School District productions –including plays and recent commencements, and Superior Schoolhouse Lectures–offering lectures on local architecture and history.

Please explore outside of the AV room and look for these circulating collections on the second floor.

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