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Class 5.05: Wired vs. Wireless

Internet connections can be either wired or wireless. Which one you choose depends on a number of factors:

  • How many people typically use the Internet in your household?
  • What type(s) of computer(s) or other devices do you have?
  • Do you want to be able to move from place to place when at home?

If you have a single desktop computer, you may only need a wired connection. An Ethernet cable – similar to a phone cable – connects your computer to the modem. This is the most stable connection option.

If your household has multiple people and devices using the Internet, a wireless connection will be best. In addition to the modem, you will need a router, which broadcasts the wireless Internet connection like a radio tower or cordless phone hub.

Depending on the type of Internet service selected, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) may set up an appointment for a technician to visit your house or workplace to set up the service. If there are problems connecting to the Internet, contact your ISP’s support or help desk.