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Class 6.06: Using a Flash Drive

To use your flash drive, first insert the flash drive into a USB port on the computer.

To view the contents of the flash drive:

  1. Open the Documents folder from the desktop or Start Menu
  2. Select the drive under This PC in the navigation pane.

The flash drive folder opens and displays any files and folders stored on the device, just like another folder on your computer. Double click on a file or folder to open the item.

Not sure which drive is your flashdrive?

A drive, or disk drive, is the more formal name for hardware on which you can store files and folders. Hard drives, CDs, flash drives and external flash drives are all examples of disk drives. Disk drives are assigned a letter on the computer.

  • The hard drive (the drive inside the computer) is known as the (C:) drive
  • If the computer has a CD-ROM drive, it is usually called (D:) drive.
  • A flash drive or external hard drive is usually known as the (E:) drive.