Turtle! Turtle!

Today we read some great books about turtles.

Our first book this morning was:

Turtle Splash!, by Cathryn Falwell

The children had a GREAT time counting down (out LOUD) from 10 to 1.

We went on to learn a great fingerplay, ‘There was a Little Turtle’

There was a little turtle. (Make a fist in one hand)
He lived in a box. (Make a box with both hands)
He swam in a puddle. (Make swimming motions)
He climbed on the rocks. (Have the fingers on one hand climb up the other arm)
He snapped at a mosquito. (Clap hands)
He snapped at a flea. (Stick out tongue)
He snapped at a minnow. (Dip hand down to catch a fish)
He snapped at me. (Point to self)
He caught the mosquito. (Grab with hand)
He caught the flea. (Grab with hand)
He caught the minnow. (Grab with hand)
But he didn’t catch me! (Run away)

This rhyme has lots of great rhythm and movement. The children enjoyed snapping their fingers and clapping their hands along with this one.

Our next book was:

Scoot!, by Cathryn Falwell

After stories, we made turtles out of paper plates, tissue paper, and construction paper. This was a simple craft that didn’t need a template. The children and parents just free-handed the turtle head, tail and flippers.

turtle turtle


For more great turtle titles, please click here.


2 comments on “Turtle! Turtle!

  1. It looks like you had great fun with turtles a couple of months ago! Thanks for sharing my books.
    Happy Reading,

  2. It was a pleasure! These were the best books for the age group that I read to, and they really enjoyed them.

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