Using Style in MS Word 2007

Style Basics In MS Word 2007

Styles save time and make your document look good

One of the great things about using a word processor is that you can create documents that look professional.  Using Style in Word allows:

  • Headings created in a font that contrasts with body text.
  • Paragraphs separated with just enough white space.
  • Elements such as bulleted lists are indented with a consistent look.
  • Emphasized text is in a contrasting color.

A style is preset formatting that Word applies to text.  When you first start typing in Word, you are using the Normal style.  By default, the Normal style in Word 2007 is Calibri font in size 11, without any embellishments.  Any text in Word can be given a style, and you can create any style you like easily.  For example, if you frequently type bulletins where all the subheadings are Tahoma 13 in purple underline, you could create a style for that formatting.  Whenever you type your bulletin, you need only select the style from the style box, and Word will apply all of that formatting.

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