Vote Early and Often for Ranger or Morelli!

Let’s get real here! We all know that Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series is not serious literature. It probably won’t be required reading for your English class or be picked as your next book club read. The characters are quirky, peculiar, wacky and unrealistic. There are not enough adjectives to describe these zany people or the outlandish circumstances they end up in. The action takes place mainly around Trenton, New Jersey, not exactly known to be a ‘garden spot’ of the U.S.A. So, why, oh why, should you read this series?

Because of Ranger and Morelli, of course. In each of the books in the series, you never know what’s going to happen with Stephanie and her hunky Italian beau and police officer, Morelli, or with Stephanie and the enigmatic Ranger, the intriguing and sexy International business man who specializes in ‘security’ issues. The sexual tension between Stephanie and each of her guys is funny, steamy and never ending. Who will she ultimately end up with? Will she stay with the safe Morelli or go over to the dark side and choose Ranger?

I’m unequivocally committed to the Ranger camp even though he may be too mysterious for Stephanie and has strayed to the other side of the law on occasion. But, he always seems to want to protect her. You can just about smell his Bulgari bodywash on each page and the way he calls her “Babe” is both charming and sexy.

My feelings about Morelli are more complicated. He may seem like the safe bet since he and Stephanie grew up in the ‘burb’ together, went to the same high school and appear to have more in common. But, picking him would just be too predictable. Plus, I can’t forgive him for what happened on Page 2 of One for the Money. I know, I know-Stephanie forgave him but I’m a Scorpio so I’m allowed to hold a grudge.

My coworkers and I have lengthy discussions about this very topic and we’ve divided into Ranger and Morelli camps. We also discuss which actors should play the other characters if Hollywood is ever smart enough to film the Plum series. Since voting is on everyone’s minds these days, why not join the fun and vote for Ranger or Morelli?  And, tell me who would you cast in a movie to play the parts of these characters we have come to love?

If enough people respond, I’ll tabulate the votes and post the results. Just as in the OTHER election, I know people will have varying and passionate opinions!

26 comments on “Vote Early and Often for Ranger or Morelli!

  1. Ranger, Ranger, Ranger, Ranger, Ranger!

    To me, Morelli isn’t safe… he’s just boring and unremarkable. And I don’t like the way his character tries to shove Stephanie into that boring and predictable box, either. He tends to suck the fun out of the books for me.

  2. OK. I’ve been thinking about this for a while (after what will I do and where will I live if my candidate in the other election doesn’t win this fall) and really think that unknowns should play the parts because they wouldn’t bring any baggage them. But, in the spirit of the vote, I think Dane Cook would be a good Morelli and I like Adam Rodriguez for Ranger. Dane Cook plays regular guys that are kind of goofy and is good looking without being too cute. And if you dress him right Adam Rodriguez has enough of an edge to be Ranger.

    And even though you didn’t ask I think Drew Barrymore would be a good Stephanie (yes she would have to die her hair).

  3. Elizabeth
    You are so right. I’ve enjoyed the books where there was more Ranger and less Morelli. Eleven on Top where she goes to work for Ranger and the other book where she moves into his hitech apartment when she’s hiding out were my favorites.

  4. Mrstrep

    I think Drew Barrymore would make a very credible Stephanie. Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson might be other choices.

    I’m not sold on Dane Cook for Morelli but I do know I also wouldn’t suggest the ROCK as some have on other blogs. I can’t figure out who should play him so I’m still thinking about it.

    As far as Ranger I really like Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds or perhaps Mark Consuelos but Adam Rodriguez would also be up there.

  5. I know what you both are saying about Ranger but if it was all Ranger all the time he would lose his mistique. You only want him because you can’t have him. Joe, on the other hand is attainable but still a bad boy.

  6. I would never remove Morelli from the Stephanie Plum series. It’s like drinking a glass of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck and then experiencing a wonderful merlot or cabernet that is much richer and spicier. Morelli is the Two Buck Chuck in this series. He’s the hamburger to Ranger’s filet mignon, the cubic zirconium to a real ‘diamond in the rough’.

  7. Ranger may be a bad boy, but he’s bad in an oh so good way. Morelli… he just doesn’t interest me.

    The appeal of Ranger is that he sometimes does “wrong” things for all the right reasons. He may not adhere to a legally approved system of morals, but he does what he thinks is right. When I read about Ranger, it’s like I’m being let in on a secret, stumbling onto something I’m not supposed to know about. The mystery shrouding Ranger isn’t what attracts me to the character, though. Unveiling it, layer by layer, is.

    With Morelli, what you see is what you get. He has a dog, a house, a badge. The story ends there. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but when that’s all you’ve got, it’s only a matter of time before redundancy kicks in and the character deflates and succumbs to type: the good guy, the domestic guy, the guy with a toaster. He doesn’t bring anything to these books that can’t be found elsewhere. For me, it isn’t that Morelli’s not good enough. It’s that he’s not enough, period. Morelli is the default option. Ranger is the deluxe upgrade.

  8. I have always liked Morelli. After all they have been through I still think he would make a good husband and father. I can’t see Ranger ever getting married.

  9. Linda
    Half of my coworkers love Morelli, too. I guess we should be happy that Stephanie doesn’t actually commit to one or the other-that might mean the end of the series! Who would you like to see play Morelli and Ranger if they ever make a movie or tv series based on the books?

  10. Morelli, Morelli, Morelli. He and Steph have such great chemistry. And Ranger is not the marrying type. Ranger may be good for a fling, but Morelli would be better for a long-term relationship.

  11. Has anyone ever heard of Greg Serano? He played a good part in an ABC series called “Wildfire”. Please look him up and tell me what you think of him for the Ranger part in the movie. He’s what I think a proper Ranger would look like. The Rock could play Tank.

  12. I see why Stephanie loves both. I Definitely would choose Ranger. It’s his ability to allow Steph to be who she wants to be and love her doing it. He will allow her to be a bounty hunter (even as aweful as she is ..okay she’s improving some) and not put constraints on her like Morelli does.

  13. I’m with you, Vickie. Ranger brings something different and exciting to the series. You know if Stephanie ever settled down with him it wouldn’t be to a little bungalow with a white picket fence in the suburbs. Plus, he has enough money to supply her new cars since she destroys at least one vehicle per book.

  14. Let’s get real – the only one worthy of playing Morelli, would be a young Italian actor – it his early to mid 30s. Simple. The perfect person for Ranger is Duane “The Rock”.

  15. Book 15
    Fun read as usual, but it gets a bit boring with too much of the same thing.

    I coulnd’t stop laughing over the stapler issue. It was just too funny to me. I have not heard anyone else mention that scene. I nearly peed my pants and had tears in my eyes!!!

    I hope Janet will heat it up a bit between Stephanie and Ranger in 16. She’s kept us hangin too long now.

  16. I think Gilles Marini would make a great Morelli….HOT!…He’s got the eyes, the bod, and the butt! And I really think Dwayne Johnson would make the a great Ranger. I imagine Ranger bigger than Morelli.

    I’ve just started reading the series and I’m getting ready for #6. But so far, Morelli is my guy…

  17. Mark Ruffalo as Morelli
    Jay Hernandez as Ranger
    Monique as Lula
    Cloris Leachman as grandma
    Ed O’Neil as her dad

    Can’t think of her mom, maybe Stockard Channing?

  18. RANGER! ! !
    What more can I say, he’s the whole package… just got done reading “Sizzling Sixteen”….as usual, it doesn’t dissapoint. great novel.

  19. I would have to say Ranger. I think I would be jealous over Stephanie if she chose Ranger, though. Morelli is nice and all, and they could do some pretty kinky stuff due to him owning a pair of cuffs, but so does Bounty Hunter Ranger. I think Ranger is aggarvatingly mysterious, but I think he has a true sence of protection towards Steph. I dislike the fact that Morelli wasn’t ready for a commitment (until he decided he couldn’t do without sex in ‘Seven Up’) and that he has played around with half the girls in Trenton, New Jersey. Ranger seems less of the ‘Player’ type, and he would have a better chance of not commiting adultry on Steph if they were to get married. But Morelli is a Morelli and a Mancuso, and despite the fact that some of the Morelli Mancuso genes skipped Morelli, he is still a VERY BAD womanizer. Ranger is more classified, and he prooves he can commit since he has been married and has a daughter. Morelli and Steph have way more in common, but Ranger better suits to a general womans needs, he gives the sence of ultimate affection.

  20. I’ve been reading everything Janet has ever written – and 20 Plum book (including the in-betweens) and the original Romances and other series.
    I think Ranger would be the best long-term choice for Stephanie. There is more strength to Ranger’s character, more depth to his feelings. While he is also controlling, it is in an altogether different context and tone. Joe strikes me as too shallow, and self-absorbed. And controlling in an unhealthy way.
    (BTW, I found this blog while searching for the Ranger World group.)

    I’m not sure of the choice of Daniel Sunjata to play Ranger. He’s just not Ranger-hot. Close, but not close enough. But I’ll go see the movie anyway.

  21. Morelli all the way!!!! I am a Jersey girl too…and Morelli is perfect for Stephanie. The chemistry between them is great, and he understands her crazy family because he grew up in the Burg.

    Ranger is the man of mystery….fun for a fling, but Morelli is more stable and actually would settle down and get married….plus, Cupcake? Much more original than “Babe”….jmho

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