You there! In the back!

As people come into the AV room here at Lee Road, they don’t often venture back past the mid-point (or as you may know it: the Comedy section). Or maybe they get to the music CDs, but then turn back to head to the check-out. Possibly they might get to the back wall of the AV room to find the Blu-Rays, if you’re into that sort of thing. But most never look to the right of the Blu-Rays. Most never even get that far.

And that’s a darn shame. You are missing our documentaries! So many good things; so many topics. Of course we have the Zumba and yoga DVDs. We’ve got your cooking shows and your World War II history. But we have so much more.

Do you know the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”? Well, that is often the case. Browse our biographies. Sure, you’ll find Thomas Jefferson and Barack Obama, but you’ll also find The Wolfpack. Imagine six brothers who grow up very sheltered, rarely leaving their apartment in Manhattan. Their main link to the world is through movies and TV. See why this won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2015 and check it out.


After you are done with that one, check out Searching for Sugar Man (Sixto Rodriguez is a superstar in South Africa, but he’s working blue collar jobs in Detroit and has no idea); Finding Vivian Maier (former nanny who is now known for being one of the greatest street photographers, after her death and discovery of her negatives); and Cutie and the Boxer (delves into the 40 year marriage of Ushio, a Neo-Dadaist artist, and Noriko, his supportive wife who is struggling to find her own identity).

And that’s just a few of the biographies… there’s still lots more to explore! Need directions? Just ask a staff member.

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