In the Beginning by Aleya Robinson

Aleya Robinson

Showing March 2019

Artist Bio:

As a child, I loved to discover and create things using anything I could find. I would create anything from amazingly functional homes for my pets using shoe boxes to transforming my room into tropical beach scenes using blankets and other objects I could find. I didn’t have the opportunity to paint much. But when I did, I would always get lost in the colors, textures, and movement. All the combinations and possibilities… I fell in love. All my life I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to indulge in what I really loved until about two years ago. Ever since then, I’ve discovered that art is my purpose. I am now complete knowing that I have found my purpose.

Art Description:

This exhibit features fluid painting which is one of my favorite forms of painting. Each painting was formed by mixing colors and strategically pouring, swiping, and wiping paint across and around the canvas. I had fun adding 3D objects to the painting. I love texture and art that you can feel. I am excited to share my pieces with you and I hope you enjoyed them as well!


If you would like to contact me to purchase a piece of art, my e-mail is


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