Unpacking Our History

(Formerly the 1619 Project Discussion Group)

Join us the second Thursday of each month, on Zoom, as we continue to discuss how the legacy of slavery and race remain dominant factors in American political, cultural, and social spheres.

The library program centers on an article packet which serves as the discussion text each month. Past discussion topics included the history of slave laws, policing in America, and Critical Race Theory.

All current packets are available on this website and at any of the Heights Libraries. Previous packets are available as .PDFs in the Materials Tab. 

Unpacking 1619 Podcast

Unpacking 1619 features interviews with scholars from around the country in which we unpack topics relating to the 1619 Project and race in America. Hosted by Adult Services Librarian John Piche.

Click here to view our new "Unpacking 1619" Podcast.

YouTube Video Playlist

You can view the entire playlist of 1619 project interviews on our YouTube page.

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Upcoming Discussion

White Supremacy Part 3: Westward White Expansion

For the upcoming discussion, we continue our deep dive into White Supremacy. This month’s reading packet includes sections from Cristina Beltran's "Cruelty as Citizenship: How Migrant Suffering Sustains White Democracy," and the Department of the Interior - Indian Affairs' 2022 report "Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigation," and finally John L. O'Sullivan' 1845 declaration "Annexation" which coined the term "manifest destiny."

Zoom Discussion

Thursday, July 13, 2023 on Zoom
6:30 – 8 p.m.

Zoom ID: 823 648 5349
Password: 691353

Download the PDF of the article packet here.

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View all of the our 1619 Project interviews and lectures

View all of the our 1619 Project interviews and lectures

Latest Packet

White Supremacy Part 3

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(1619 – 1699)

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(1699 – 1779)

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Stealing Black Culture: Music

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White Supremacy Part 1

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White Supremacy Part 3

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