Book Review: Runemarks

Use our catalogue to reserve this book or listen to it on CD. You know who gets a raw deal?  The Norse gods.  I’m not talking […]

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How Reading Upgraded Me to First Class

If you didn’t love books you probably wouldn’t be checking out our Readers’ Advisory blog site. So, I imagine you’ve heard how books can inspire you, change your life or entertain you, etc, etc. But, have you ever heard that books can upgrade you to first class?

Here’s the scenario and how it worked for me. Try it at your own risk.

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Past made present….

The Women of Magdalene book coverWe RATS have been reading historical fiction lately and I decided that I should wrench myself out of medieval England and read something different. I came across The Women of Magdalene by Rosemary Poole-Carter set in post Civil War Lousiana. Certainly something different. It involves a young doctor, estranged from his family, who is walking to Magdalene, an asylum for women, to take a position as the house doctor. He has been given the job as a favor from one of his father’s former colleagues. On the way he finds the body of a woman in a creek. She is one of the inmates and he arrives carrying her body and thus begins his career at Magdalene.

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