We are living through a moment that will be in history books, to be sure. Heights Libraries wants to capture the experiences of residents during this unprecedented time. Would you take a moment to share your experiences? It can be as simple as a stray observation or a snapshot, or as complex as a personal story! Need inspiration? Take a look at the submissions, below.

Please share your stories here.

Featured stories

Amy, in Shaker Heights

My parents live in an assisted living facility. The administration early on prudently and wisely instituted an increasingly stringent set of rules designed to keep […]

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Isabelle in Cleveland

Music has helped me through some difficult times. Under normal circumstances, I always prefer to perform and see fellow musicians play live — a shared […]

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Colin in Cleveland Heights

I’ve been spoiling my cats Mr. Lew and Ms. Iddle and spending a lot more time playing with them. I’m practicing my baking, and trying […]

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